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Anikó Simon



    I was born in Slovakia, more exactly in the heart of Csallóköz, in Dunajská Streda, I currently live here with my family. I'm a hungarian calvinistic. Since university I've been working as a Hungary-Arts teacher. As an Arts teacher besides the usual artistic techniques, I have tried different thing (mosaic, watercolour, enamel art, litography, etc.), but I've been paimting plate glass for 15 years. I paint only drawings made by me on 2-3 mm thick transparent glass with solvent artistic paint. In churches the glass windows were made by a similar technique, but those were painted on coloured glass and had to be burned out to remain longlasting for centuries because of the weather. These glasses were inosculated with lead. My paints can he burned out too, but since I use it for interior decoration I don't find it necessary. I don't use lead, I put my paintings in wooden frame. I chose this demanding technique, because I like the dazzling colours of the glass paint. This shine does not appear with watercolour or oil paints.


Muravidék Baráti Kör Kulturális Egyesület  
Magyar Alkotóművészek Szlovákiai Egyesülete  (=Slovakian Association of Hungarian Artists )